Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Female Golf Caddies?

We are similar to male caddies but we’re a tad bit cuter and a lot more fun! We act as your personal concierge on the golf course, order your drinks and food from the cart girl, keep an eye on your ball, clean your clubs, drive the cart, fix divots and tend the pin.

How Do I Pay For A Caddy?

Please fill out our online booking form or call us directly to secure your caddy reservation. Once your round is confirmed you will be required to pay for your caddy service by credit card. Caddies can not accept any type of payment for the caddy service at the golf course. Caddy tips, however, are preferred to be given in cash at the end of your round.

How Much Should I Tip My Caddy?

Our caddies work hard and greatly appreciate tips. Rule of thumb that most golfers go by is to tip the caddie at least 50% of the cost of the round.  We encourage you to tip what you think is fair and based on the overall service that your caddy provided for you on the golf course.

What Is An Additional Rider or Cart Fee?

Some golf courses may require you to pay a small fee (usually $20 – $25) for an additional rider or additional cart for your caddy. This extra charge is NOT included in the caddy fee and is paid directly to the golf course. This typically depends on the golf course you’re playing, how many riders they allow in a golf cart and how busy the course is on the day of your round.

What Do The Caddies Wear On The Golf Course?

Our caddies wear cute, traditional golf appropriate attire per golf course regulations. The only exception to that rule is if you have reserved the entire course for a private tournament. In that case we can discuss attire options with you for the caddies.

What Courses Do You Caddy At?

The Platinum Tees are well known professional caddies and can caddy for you at most golf courses throughout the country. However, there are a few golf courses, per their own policies, that do not allow outside caddies. You can always check with us first before you book your tee time if you have any concerns.

How far in advance should I book my caddies? 
We are currently accepting reservations up to 6 months in advance.  We encourage you to finalize your caddies with us as soon as possible as we often sell out, especially on the weekends.

Can You Guarantee My Caddy Selections?

We always check availability of your caddy selections first.  If your selection is not available, we will place you with our best available caddy.  Keep in mind that ALL of our caddies are Platinum Agency Models, they all have been trained to golf caddy and they are all fun, friendly and professional.  Our caddies stay very busy, especially during high season and they get booked out quickly.  We encourage our golfers to schedule their round in advance with their primary selections and include some back-up choices as well.  Regardless, we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic round with any of our fabulous caddies!